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гл. стр. - 15 кг мешки (замена)

Polybags 15kg

For small boilers and stoves in private homes and farms. For individual use

Фото № 3

Big-Bags 1 ton

For large boilers and boilers, for industrial and utility enterprises.

Production facilities are located in Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, around two main highways of Ukraine: Kiev-Chop and Kiev-Warsaw, which open the way for the main European consumers of alternative fuels. The location of our plants allows us to have a high-quality raw material base, as these areas occupy leading positions in Ukraine in terms of wood processing. The raw materials used are environmentally friendly waste of wood processing enterprises.


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All European heating equipment is supplied with technical data sheets indicating biofuel parameters to achieve the highest possible efficiency and efficient operation. There are often cases when the cause of failure of pellet boilers was the supplier of poor-quality pellet fuel. That is why consumers pay close attention to the quality of wood pellets.  The company “Solid Teploenergo” applies to environmentally friendly raw materials for pellet production, supplied under contracts with the state forestry of Ukraine. This gives us the opportunity not only to guarantee the stability of quality indicators, but also to give guarantees of the stability of the delivered product volumes. This type of cooperation predetermines the unconditional fulfillment of our obligations to counterparties.


Each released batch of our wood pellets corresponds to specially developed and approved technical conditions TU U 38.1-37406026-001: 2014, which makes our pellets competitive in both domestic and foreign markets. The ash content of our pellets is within 1%, confirmed by the international quality certificate ENplus A1 and A2. This allows their using for private houses heating.

  • Diameter 6 mm;
  • Ash content < 1 %;
  • Moisture < 9%;
  • Bulk density ≥ 600 kg/m3;
  • Mechanical durability ≥ 98%;
  • Net calorific value ≥ 4,6 kWh/kg.


Pellet Benefits 



The use of wood pellets as a fuel reduces the concentration of sulfur in the room, the surface air layer and in the soil near the house. And also increases the service life of boiler equipment


Wood pellets are very compact, so they are convenient for storage and transportation. The possibility of spontaneous combustion is also excluded, they are conveniently stored directly next to the house. With long-term storage they do not decompose and do not lose their consumer properties

Cost Efficient

 Wood pellets with a small occupied volume have a high energy intensity. For heating a house of 150 square meters. m for the year need only 7.5 tons of wood pellets


About the companies “Solid Teploenergo” and “Freetime – 2010”

Who we are?

LLC “Solid Teploenergo” and the production company LLC “Freetime – 2010” have combined their efforts for the speedy transition of Ukrainian consumers of thermal energy to environmentally friendly and economically beneficial fuel – pellets. The production potential of the holding began to take shape in 2013 with the expansion of the scope of work of two plants producing up to 10,000 tons of high-quality fuel pellets per year. Only one of our production lines allows producing 900 tons of wood pellets over the month.
The staff members of the enterprise conduct hard work on the introduction of new technical solutions, monitor technological innovations and regularly update equipment. Modern equipment and highly professional staff give us the opportunity to produce a finished product of the highest quality, having all the necessary documents (physical test certificates, equipment certificates, licenses, certificates, technical conditions) fully complying with strict European standards and the requirements of the most demanding consumers.