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Certification of products is the key to its successful implementation. The ENplus A2 pellet certification< which is valid since 2010, allows us to guarantee compliance with the following quality standards when producing products:

  • bulk density;
  • the amount of dust generated in bulk after transportation;
  • diameter of granules;
  • heat of combustion;
  • ash content
  • humidity;
  • limit concentrations of metals, nitrogen, chlorine and sulfur;
  • ash melting point.

All European heating equipment is supplied with technical data sheets indicating biofuel parameters to achieve the highest possible efficiency. It is not uncommon for a supplier of low-quality pellet fuel to be the cause of the failure of pellet boilers. That is why consumers pay close attention to the quality of wood pellets.

The company Freetime – 2010 uses only ecologically clean raw materials for pellet production, supplied under contracts with the state forestry of Ukraine.
This gives us the opportunity not only to guarantee the stability of quality indicators, but also to give guarantees of the stability of the delivered product volumes. This type of cooperation predetermines the unconditional fulfillment of our obligations to counterparties.

Each released batch of our wood pellets corresponds to specially developed and approved technical conditions TU U 38.1-37406026-001: 2014, which makes our pellets competitive in both domestic and foreign markets.

The ash content of our pellets is up to 1%, which allows them to be used for heating private houses.

The use of wood pellets of the company “Freetime -2010” guarantees the absence of such phenomena as a decrease in efficiency, the overgrowth of ash by the walls of pellet boilers and clogging of chimneys.

In December 2020, “Freetime-2010” LLC received the international quality certificate ENplus A1 and A2 (ID: UA 023)

Equally important for the successful implementation of our wood pellets is the availability of a hygienic certificate issued by the sanitary-epidemiological service of Ukraine on the basis of an examination carried out in laboratory conditions. Hygienic certificate (sanitary-epidemiological certificate, SES conclusion) guarantees the safety of pellets sold for human life and health. This document is issued on the basis of the results obtained on the basis of detailed studies (sanitary-chemical, toxicological, microbiological, radiological, physico-chemical analysis). The greatest attention was paid to the examination of compliance with the hygienic standards of the GN parameters of the specific activity of cesium radionuclides (Cs 137) and strontium (Sr 90) contained in pellets.

The presence of certificates of conformity gives us the opportunity to guarantee high rates of supplied pellet fuel and complete safety of our pellets for the life and health of people.