Modernization of boilers - transfer of boilers to alternative fuels


 In order to minimize the risks of interruptions or restrictions on the supply of natural gas, and to achieve significant savings in the cost of thermal energy, we propose to consider the option of switching from traditional natural gas to alternative fuels by arranging heat generating equipment to use alternative fuels.

Heat generation installation is able to fully meet the needs of the consumer with thermal energy and will provide an opportunity to save about 10% of the current tariffs.

Our company for its own funds carries out the construction, equipment and further operation of the boiler room. Thermal energy is supplied to the consumer on the basis of an agreement on the supply of thermal energy (our own production facilities for the manufacture of alternative fuels guarantee the quality of fuel and uninterrupted supply, ensure stable operation of boiler equipment and, as a result, the stability of thermal energy supplies to the consumer).

In addition, the use of alternative heat energy will virtually eliminate the risks associated with the threat of a partial restriction or temporary suspension of the supply of natural gas or other traditional sources of energy. Traditional fuels are becoming more expensive every year, which increases the relevance of the use of alternative, biologically pure fuels for the purpose of heat generation. Due to their high efficiency and environmental performance, alternative fuel-fired boilers are the most profitable investment targets today.