Pellet fuel is a worthy alternative to gas, electricity, liquid hydrocarbons, coal and firewood. The high efficiency of pellet boilers and their versatility make it possible to heat rooms of any size at minimal cost. Comparison of the characteristics of different types of fuel makes it possible to evaluate the high efficiency of wood pellets.

Pellets or electricity?

Heating with an electric boiler has the following disadvantages:

  • large power consumption (which entails large financial expenses in the cold season);
  • cabling;
  • installation of protection;
  • issuance of permits;
  • danger of electric shock or fire (water and electricity – things are incompatible).

Gas or wood pellets?

The installation of a gas boiler has several negative features:

  • installation of highways;
  • registration of permits;
  • increased explosion hazard of the installation.

Pellets or fuel oil?

Fuel oil boiler room is characterized by:

  • high cost of fuel;
  • persistent specific odor;
  • the presence of spots and spills;
  • increased fire hazard.

Wood pellets or coal?

Cons of using coal as the main fuel:

  • low environmental friendliness (coal dust and soot, sulfur emission into the air);
  • the presence of a large hopper;
  • low efficiency;
  • high percentage of residue (ash).

Pellet fuel or firewood?

A wood-fired boiler house has such negative features:

  • large bunker size (bulk density of firewood is low);
  • low calorie content (2800 kilocalories per kilogram);
  • short operating time at one gas station (12-14 hours);
  • frequent cleaning of the boiler.

Pellet boilers are most often compared specifically to long-burning wood boilers – both solutions are highly environmentally friendly (they use wood), both are automated.

The advantages of wood pellets include:

  • high calorific value (about 4400 kcal / kg);
  • high bulk and stock density;
  • low moisture content (in wood it can be up to 50%, in pellets – not more than 10%);
  • low fire hazard;
  • low ash content (3%);
  • inertia.




Pellet solid fuel boilers are perfect and safe, they have high efficiency (reaching 95%). Their features include:

  • the presence of a special burner (increases the efficiency);
  • long service life (from 25 years);
  • the operating time at one gas station is a week at a temperature above zero (200 kg of pellets are placed in a standard container);
  • the need for cleaning at intervals of 2-3 times a week (powerful and expensive units are equipped with a self-cleaning function);
  • the presence of a special module makes it possible to remotely control the operation of equipment;
  • a wide range of capacities ensures accurate selection of a pellet boiler for specific conditions;
  • compact unit and hopper dimensions.

The consumption of pellet fuel in full power mode is about 1 kg for every 5 kW of generated energy, which allows you to independently calculate the economic effect for anyone who is thinking about purchasing such a unit. Energy-saving mode saves 10% of wood pellets.

Reliable and continuous operation of pellet boilers is guaranteed only in the case of using high-quality wood pellets, which are best purchased from suppliers of this equipment. Solid-Teploenergo Holding specializes in the supply of boiler houses for all types of consumers – from private households to large industrial enterprises; it also produces the highest quality flight fuel in our country. By purchasing pellets from the holding “Solid-Teploenergo”, you will protect your unit from breakdowns, and yourself – from unpleasant surprises.


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