Wood Pellets


Minimum order 22 tons.

International quality certificate ENplus A1 and A2 is available (ID: UA 023).

Alternative fuels are becoming increasingly popular against the backdrop of rising prices for traditional types of it. Pellets is an option that has been used in Europe for a long time and has proven itself.

Advantages of using pellets

Pellets are a product of wood waste processing. The use of pellets as a fuel provides the following benefits:


Savings up to 10% or more depending on specific conditions

Short payback period

Re-equipment of a boiler room for pellet fuel guarantees a return on investment within four to five years.

Universality of placement

Pellet boilers do not belong to the “dirty” one due to the use of environmentally friendly biofuels, as a result, they can be placed exactly where the consumer needs

High level of automation

Powerful pellet boiler houses do not require constant human participation.


The use of bins for the automated loading of pellet boilers removes the issue of contamination with fuel residues of the adjacent territory

Stability of quality indicators

Convenience of transportation and storage.
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The high calorific value of pellets makes it possible for small households and large industrial boilers to switch to this type of fuel. Modernization of boiler houses for pellet fuel has the following advantages: no power restrictions (it is possible to increase the power of the boiler room in unlimited limits);


possibility of smooth adjustment of productivity (makes it possible to regulate the production of steam or thermal energy over a wide range depending on the load);

  • quick start and stop of pellet boilers;
  • fuel economy due to flexible regulation of operating modes;
  • safety (pellets are environmentally friendly and explosion-proof,
  • which dramatically reduces the level of threat to human health due to any breakdowns and accidents);
  • no restrictions on fuel supply.

The advantages of heat generation with the use of pellet fuel

Installation of a boiler room on pellets (installation of a pellet boiler room, construction and furnishing of a boiler room on wood pellets) from  FREETIME-2010 is an excellent opportunity to receive heat at the most favorable (and stable) prices.


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